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Van An Shipping

860/60X/53 XVNT (D2 Prolonged) St, Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist, HCMC, VN

Phone +84 8 35117470
Fax +84 8 35117540
Mobile phone 0983 888 009
Ship type
Nationality HongKong
Shipbuilding year
Tonnage 57,000
Hold dimention
Running routes any
Laycan 31 DEC, 2012
Insurance P&I
More infomation
12. MV U NOBLE OPEN AT OKKYE, SOUTH KOREA O/A 31 DEC, 2012 1) type: geared, single deck bulk carrier 2) built: 2012, in xiamen, china 3)flag: HongKong Call Sign: VRIW4 4) class: BV P&I Club:GARD 5) grt/nrt international: 33044/19231MT 6) loa / lbp / beam / depth mouded: 189.99m / 185.00m / 32.26m / 18.00m 7) summer deadweight: about 57,000mt at draft 12.8m s (s.g.1.025) 8) cargo gears: 4 x 36mt cranes with 4 x 6.5-14cbm grabs. CRANES: 4X36 MT IN HOOK MODEL/4 X 28MT IN GRAB MODEL 9) Distance (Metres) From Waterline To Top Of Hatch Coamings (a) Ballast Condition (Ballast Holds Not Flooded) : Foreside/Middle/ afterbody: 15.10m/ 14.66m/ 14.50m (b) Heavy Ballast Condition (Incl Cargo Ballast Holds Flooded) : Foreside/Middle/ afterbody: 12.00 m / 12.00m/ 12.20m (c) Light Condition : Foreside/Middle/ afterbody: 19.57 m / 17.79m/ 16.51m 10) Air draft distance from summer dwt.: 10.29m 11) Distance from keel to highest point of the vessel: 46.60m 12) Distance from keel to top of hatch coaming: Hold #1: 20.50m, Hold #2 - #5 : 20.30m 13) TPC : SUMMER DRAFT:58.8T/CM;DESIGN DRAFT:58.1T/CM 14) Crane outreach(Maximum / Minimum): 28m/5m 15) Crane outreach from shipside.11.87m 16) hatch cover strength: No.1 about 4.8 t/m2 No.2/3/4/5 about 3.4 t/m2 Tank top strength: No.1/3/5 25.00 t/m2 No.2/4 20.00 t/m2 17) type of hatch covers: folding type, hydraulic system Number of hatches: 5 Hatches Length x width No.1 18.86m x 18.26m No.2/3/4/5 21.32m x 18.26m 18) number of holds: 5 Grain capacity: No.1: 13,009.86 cbm No.2: 15,333.25 cbm No.3: 14,553.08 cbm No.4: 15,333.27 cbm No.5: 13,404.64 cbm -------------------- Total: 71,634.09 cbm 19) cargo hold dimentions: Length x width no.1 28.0 m x 10.7 m(f)x23.8m(a) no.2 31.2 m x 23.8 m no.3 29.6 m x 23.8 m no.4 31.2 m x 23.8 m no.5 28.8 m x 23.8 m(f)x9.1m(a) 20) Speed/Consumption: SPEED/CONSUMPTION AT CSR OF MAIN ENGINE WITH 15% SEA MARGIN AND CLEAN BOTIOM ON CALM DEEP OPEN SEA ECO SPEED: ABT 28.5MT(IFO380) WITH SPEED ABT12.25KNOTS(LADEN CONDITION) / WITH SPEED 13.25KNOTS(BALLAST CONDITION) CSR SPEED: ABT 33MT(IFO380) WITH SPEED ABT13KNOTS(LADEN CONDITION) / WITH SPEED 14KNOTS(BALLAST CONDITION) 21) CONSUMPTION IN PORT, WORKG/IDLE BSS 24HRS; GEAR IDLE: about 3.50MT IFO 380CST + 0.5MT MDO for boiler GEAR WORKING: About 6MT IFO 380CST +0.5MT MDO for boilers The speed and consumption is given in good faith, (DETAILS/FIGURES ALL ABOUT/WOG)