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Ship Operation

The Operations Director, who is also the Company's Designated Person (DP) and the Alternate Company Security Officer (ACSO), in conjunction with the qualified operations assistant and his team ensures that this central department co-ordinates the activities of all other departments. They liase with each individual vessel and all offices from the time they join the vessels. The Operations Department is also the link between the Ship Masters and Ship Managers for reporting to the Highest Management, with regard to all aspects of International Safety Management and Environmental Protection Policy (ISM) and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS).

The department's top priority is to ensure the safe, smooth and economical running of our principals' fleet and furthermore to ensure that the fleet's contractual obligations are met accordingly. The department's main functions include post fixture, purchasing, emergency response, instructing masters of vessels, appointing and briefing Agents and arranging bunkering and storing. It is also imperative to co-ordinate with the Technical Department on vessels maintenance, drydocking, surveys and other stock control, as well as the implementation and compliance with the new Regulations deriving from IMO / SOLAS / STCW / IACS and Flag Administration.

With the efficient running of our principals' fleet as its main aim the department communicates relevant and important information including changes in National and International Regulations to the Masters on Safety on board the vessels. The department incorporates the ISM and ISPS audits and also studies the performance of officers and crew and the efficiency and competitiveness of the group's agents, suppliers and other important associates worldwide.

The department is also responsible for reporting to the ship Managers periodically with the overall assessment and evaluation of ship performances, ship condition and maintenance including safety and ship running costs.