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The department's objective is to arrange the optimum use of a vessel. Vessels are generally employed under voyage or time charter contracts, proposed to VAN AN SHIPPING's by charterers' representatives. A computer estimating system allows the freight or hire proposals to be distributed instantly to prospective charterers. There is also the more traditional method of charter allocation through personal contact with charterers and their representatives either via the Baltic Exchange or via VAN AN SHIPPNG's long established contact database. This personal contact is also the best source of market  information, where the fixtures of other vessels can be learned, and where trends can be assessed by talking directly to Brokers, Operators, Managers, Owners and Charterers.  

For cape size vessles the chartering policy advice given by VAN AN SHIPPING'S to its principals is to charter a majority of their fleet on long term charters to first class companies. The owners benefit from VAN AN SHIPPING's established relationships with first class reputable charterers.