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Korean Register Signs Agreement with Panama Maritime Authority (USA)

The Korean Register (KR) – an IACS member classification society – has signed an MoU with the Panama Maritime Authority (PMA) to allow cooperation on technical research and to work together on a range of international activities.
The MoU is specifically aimed at owners with Panamanian flagged vessels and will bring them a range of benefits including enhanced survey and certification services. In addition, both parties have agreed to cooperate on future technical and research projects and to exchange technical information as well as manpower.
At the signing ceremony held in Busan, Korea, Mr Kim Kyu-seob, KR’s executive vice-president said:
“I am delighted to sign this agreement which heralds a long and fruitful relationship between this classification society and the Panama Maritime Authority. Both parties will benefit and it is good for both of us to work together particularly in the current climate of fierce competition, unpredictability and change.”
Mr Reynaldo Garibaldi, chief of navigation and maritime safety from the PMA replied:
“It is enormously helpful for the PMA to sign this agreement with KR. The Korean Register is leading the way with classification-related technology and we are looking forward to working alongside them”